1. Casa Torano – The cigars of Casa Torano are made from Honduras by the Torano family. The cigars have mild to medium flavor, they are mild enough for someone starting but possess a complex flavor which will satisfy the most seasoned smokers. The taste is smooth, rich and very enjoyable from the start all the way to the last 2 inches. You can never go wrong if you choose Casa Torano.

2. Macanudo Hyde Park – This brand is one of the best-selling premium cigars in the US. They are made in the Dominican Republic by the General Cigar Company. If you want a cigar that is a real pleasure, try their Macanudo Hyde Park Cafй, it produces a lighter taste of almonds, fresh herbs and cashews. This is definitely a great choice for someone starting and it can be the benchmark to evaluate other cigar brands.

3. Gran Habano Connecticut #1 – This kind of cigar has a body of mild to medium but it is closer to the upper end of this range. They are made in Honduras by Guillermo Rico, the blend of Connecticut #1 is made from the wrappers of Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade and the filler tobaccos are made from Nicaragua. This is a great cigar for all beginners at the same time for the mainstream cigar smokers because it is flavorful but not too much like a power bomb.

4. Gispert – This brand has a body of mild to medium and made from Honduras. Smoking this cigar is very easy; it has a woodsy and earthy flavor with a touch of leather. Also, the aroma is pleasing with leather and wood undertones. For just $3 per stick, it is for sure reasonably priced.

5. Helix Blue Tubular – This cigar has a very mild flavor and strength which makes it very enjoyable to smoke. It is a great choice for beginners and even for experienced smokers who are enjoying a mild cigar occasionally. The cigar is made in Honduras by the General Cigar Company, it has a touch of similarity with their more popular and expensive line, the Macanudo cigars. The Helix cigars also come in artificially flavored cigars such as the Helix Remix, also prescribed for beginners.