Aging Cigars

The importance of aging cigars

When you age your cigars in a well-maintained humidor, generally, the cigar’s flavor will continually improve for a maximum of ten years. After this amount of years, there will be no significant improvement but you must continue to store them properly in a humidor so that their integrity will be preserved. However, most of the smokers cannot wait for too long before they can light up the sticks, so this article will give you an idea on how long does a specific bundle of cigars must be aged until the taste has improved to make the whole effort worthwhile.

Most of the cigar tobaccos are cured, processed, fermented and aged for several years after they were harvested and prior they are used for making cigars. When the cigars are rolled, it does not stop there, they will be finished through an aging process for another couple of years. The number of years varies; it depends upon the manufacturer as well as other factors that will affect marketing. There are some kinds of finished cigars that do not undergo the aging process or for a shorter period of time than the traditional process because the manufacturers do not want to blend the cigars with other different tobacco leaves and to dissipate the bitter elements of the tobacco. This is true for the cheaper bundled cigars but the case is different with the expensive boxed cigars that include some of the popular national brands. Also, when the cigars leave the factory, they are going to be shipped and stored in different conditions, this makes it even harder whether to use them before aging in the humidor.

Therefore, these are the conclusions on the importance of aging cigars in a well-maintained humidor prior to smoking them:

Aging cigars for a minimum of 2 to 3 months before smoking will have a great improvement of taste.

5To attain a significant mellow flavor of the cigars, age them for a year or even more.

The cigar or brand that you think is bad will not become a good cigar if you age it even for several years but a good cigar which at first tastes bad will improve dramatically when they are aged.

Inexpensive bundled cigars require more aging after buying compared to those premium boxed cigars.

Fuller bodied cigars are going to improve and mellow more when they undergo long-term aging process than the milder cigars.

Cigars bought from the humidor of a local tobacconist are more ready to be smoked immediately or requires less aging than those bought via mail order or online.

Every cigar is unique even those in the same bundle or box, each one tastes and ages differently.

These are the reasons why aging of cigars is an important process so that you can enjoy them to its fullest flavor.